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Royal Phone - Features User Guide


Caller ID with Name

  • When Your Phone Rings, you may see one of the following four messages on your display unit:

1.        The telephone number and name - Most display devices also show the time and date.  (Name delivery is not available in certain areas.)

2.        "Out of Area" - This call is from an area that does not have Caller ID technology. Or the call is being switched through machinery not equipped with Caller ID technology.

3.        "Private", "Blocked" or "Anonymous" - The caller is blocking Caller ID.

4.        "E" or "Error" - The display unit or telephone cannot identify the caller's phone number. If you get this message quite often, contact customer service.

  • Note: The Caller ID unit must be purchased separately. Display message may vary depending on the display unit's manufacturer.
  • To Block Your Number From Appearing On Other Caller ID Units (free of charge):

1.        Before placing your call, pick up the telephone and wait for the dial tone.

2.        Push *67. (Dial 1167 on a rotary phone.)

3.        A series of tones, followed by a dial tone, lets you know that your blocking is activated.

4.        Dial the desired telephone number.

5.        NOTE: You must do this each time you wish to block the delivery of your telephone number.

  • Important Features

1.        Most display units store several calls for you to check. The number of calls depends on which unit you purchase.

2.        Caller ID only displays numbers when both parties' service areas have advanced technologies that allow telephone numbers to be seen. Display does not appear on some cellular, calling card or operator-assisted calls outside your service area, your long-distance carrier must also be equipped with this technology.


Call Waiting

  • To Use Call Waiting During a Call

1.        A "beep" tone tells you that a call is waiting.

2.        Press receiver button once and release it. This puts the first call on hold and connects you to the second call.

3.        To return to the first call, press receiver button once and release it.  You will connect with the first caller.

4.        NOTE: You can switch between calls as often as you want by repeating the steps above.

  • To Temporarily Cancel Call Waiting Before Making A Call

1.        Push *70. Dial 1170 on a rotary phone.

2.        Listen for a dial tone. Dial the number you wish to call.

3.        When you hang up, Call Waiting is automatically reactivated.

4.        NOTE: You must do this before placing each call.

  • To Cancel Call Waiting During A Call

1.        Press receiver button and release it quickly.

2.        Listen for dial tone.

3.        Push *70. Dial 1170 on a rotary phone.

4.        Press receiver button and release. Continue with original call.

5.        When you hang up, Call Waiting is automatically reactivated.

6.        NOTE: You must have Three Way Calling to do this.

  • Important Features - To end your first call before taking the second, hang up when you hear the Call Waiting tone. Your phone will ring with the second call.



Call Forwarding

  • To Forward Calls To Another Number

1.        Push 72#. Dial 72 on a rotary phone.

2.        Listen for dial tone.

3.        Dial the number to receive your forwarded calls (including 1 plus area code if required).

4.        Ringing of the number, confirms your request.

5.        When the called number is answered, Call Forwarding is on.

6.        If no one answers or the line is busy, repeat steps 1-4. This will set up Call Forwarding without anyone answering at the called number.

  • To Cancel Call Forwarding

1.        Push 73#. Dial 73 on a rotary phone.

2.        Two tones indicate that Call Forwarding is cancelled.

  • Important Features

1.        You cannot answer calls when Call Forwarding is activated. As a reminder that Call Forwarding has been activated, you will hear one short ring each time a call is forwarded.

2.        You can make outgoing calls while calls are being forwarded.

3.        If you forward a call, additional local and long-distance charges for that call will apply.


Speed Dialing

  • To Set Up A Speed Calling 8 Number

1.        Push 74 #. Dial 74 on rotary phone.

2.        Listen for the dial tone.

3.        Dial a one-digit code (2 through 9) you want to give the number.

4.        Dial the telephone number you wish to enter.

5.        Two short tones confirm your request.

  • To Change A Number On Your List

1.        Repeat steps 1 and 2 above.

2.        Dial the code of the number you wish to change. Then dial the new number.

  • To Place A Call With Speed Calling 8

1.        Dial one of your Speed Calling 8 codes. Then push # (Touch-Tone customers only).

2.        After a short wait, your call will go through.

  • Important Features - When entering a number, be sure to enter 1 plus the area code (if required) followed by the number.


Threeway  Calling

  • To Add A Third Person To Your Call

1.        Press receiver (flash hook) button once.

2.        Wait for three short tones. Dial the number of the third person.

3.        Wait for an answer. Then press receiver button once to bring the first person back for the three way call.

4.        If the third person doesn't answer or if the line is busy, press receiver button twice to stop the ringing or busy signal. This will connect you to the first person.

5.        To Drop The Third Person, press receiver button once. The third person is disconnected.

  • Important Features

1.        If you hang up, both of the other people will be disconnected.

2.        If you receive a call, you can still use Three Way Calling to add another person by following the instructions above. You pay only for the call you make. Long-distance charges may apply.

3.        With Three Way Calling, you can temporarily cancel Call Waiting while you are on another call.


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