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About the Referral Program
Make Referrals


Your Recommendation Means The World To Us!

When customers recommend our service, we know we are doing a good job. There can be no greater compliment to us than for a customer to refer our service to his or her family and friends. To show our appreciation, we will provide a $20 credit to your bill for each referral you provide to us that signs up for Royal Phone service.

  • We provide 2 easy ways for you to make referrals and for us to credit you:

      1) We send you an email with our promotional message which you can then forward on to your friends and family.
    - OR -
    2) You refer names, phone numbers and email addresses to us, and we do the follow up.


  • For each of your referrals who becomes a Royal customer, we will deposit a $20 credit to your account.

  • These credits are applied against your phone bill. If you build up a credit balance that is greater than your phone bill for that month, the credit balance simply carries over to the following month. Imagine being able to receive your phone service for free as your credit balance grows! (Note: Credit balances due to referrals may only be applied to telephone service charges and may not be redeemed for cash.)


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