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Royal, A Company Dedicated To Serving Its Customers

At Royal, we are dedicated to serving you, the customer. We know how confusing phone service can be and how frustrating it is to work with big, bureaucratic phone monopolies. That is why Royal is dedicated to making every aspect of our service a satisfying experience for our customers.

Royal is a competitive local exchange carrier certified by the State of Illinois. We have been granted authority by the State to offer competitive, local phone service. Why does the State want to foster competition in Illinois? They know that competition is the only way to ensure the best quality service, product innovation and the lowest prices from service providers. Can you imagine the kind of service and prices you might receive from your local gas station, if there was no competition?

But of course, competition alone does not guarantee good service. We know that Royal's service can only be as good as its employees. Royal is composed of industry veterans who have been a part of the phone business since the break up of ATT in the 1980s. You can rest assured that your service is being handled with competence and expertise.

If you would like to contact Royal to learn more about the company, provide suggestions to make our service even better, or to learn about employment opportunities, please send us an email at


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